Tumor cytogenetics

Karyotyping is also frequently used to identify chromosomal anomalies of the tumor patient, especially during the course of the disease.

Here, the type of clonality as well as the progression of the tumor event is required. Especially in the case of diseases of the haematopoietic system and leukemias, the FISH technique is generally used to differentiate the markers for certain diseases even better.

However, this field is so much dependent on the experience of the laboratory and the diagnostician that hardly any recommendations are given here and/or guidelines should be defined without involving the professional association.

Therefore, it should only be mentioned here that the range of cell culture media has been optimized for this purpose and has been tested in detail in routine applications.

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    Marrowgrow Medium

    Marrowgrow Medium

    Special medium for cord cell cells taken by puncture.
    Special medium for cord cell cells taken by puncture. The special formula supports rapid cell growth. For in vitro use only
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